Nothing Happens by Chance

Nothing happens by chance, neither your current incarnation in this world, nor your family or friendships, the answers will come up eventually, everything has a meaning. I remember when I first came to Varanasi (Benares) many years ago. After unpacking my things and spending the morning at home, Manish and Priyal took me to the Ganges, they wanted to show me the Eternal city with a boat ride along the holy river. It was in winter when the water was low and showing all the det

Published in "LE 1"

The picture "India's Cellphone Revolution" was published in French weekly newspapers LE 1 released the 14th December, 2016. It is a portrait of a Sadhu with a mobile phone carried as an amulet necklace, it was shot along the Ganges in Varanasi (Benares). India has a capacity of keeping its traditions while ajusting to modernity. Revolutions come slow but life changes fast and in the instant this holy man with a naked body, long matted hair and beard, appears wearing his mobil