It became common to see images used to serve any agenda mostly because no one takes the time to check to see who the photographer is, where and when the image was shot and most of all what it is about.

For instance since three years I keep on receiving a picture coming with a heartbreaking comment mentioning that this is "an Iraqi girl in an orphanage missing her mother, so she drew her and fell asleep inside her after respectfully removing her shoes outside."

Of course it is impossible te remain insensitive when you read such words.

The problem is that according the conflict going on, the orphanage is either in Iraq or in Syria therefore it is raising questions, mostly when this pictures comes in endless chains on social medias.

While searching on Google Search Image I found the name of the talented Iranian photographer who made this shot.

Bahareh Bisheh is an Art student living in Isfahan, on her flickr account she explains:

"This little girl is my cousin and she actually fe...

January 11, 2017

"Dalida" is a a biopic film by Lisa Azuelos telling the tragic life of the legendary star...

Making a biopic is never easy nevertheless Lisa managed to find some unusual story angle making this movie very deep and touching.

For those who lived in the 60's, 70's or 80's, the movie reminds a part of our lives embedded in the collective psyche in particular through the accuracy of the sets, garments, accessories, the amazing work on lights bringing back that specific atmosphere of these years.

The editing of the film is quite rare for a French production and brings a great contemporary rhythm which is appealing and captivating.

The storyline shows a woman's fate through her love stories and this is the strength of the film as anyone can easily identify with the star.

Sveva Alviti is brilliant and stellar, it seems obvious that this Italian actress inhabited by Dalida will become a huge star.

The other actors are marvellous and perfectly embody all the characters of the...

December 21, 2016

“Feast of Varanasi” is an independent movie and a thriller directed by Rajan Kumar Patel.

The action is based in Varanasi (Benares), the oldest living city in the world.

I won’t say much about the story in order to keep it as a surprise to some future audiences, it is a classic thriller using universal topics of the duality of life and death, good and bad or light and darkness however it is depicted with a new twist using the culture, legends and Hindu iconography specific to Varanasi making it realistic and appropriate to anyone who knows the city.

The strength of this movie also lies in the fact that it was done with a small budget which allows a sensible and pragmatic atmosphere that Rajan Patel managed to compose successfully without betraying the essence of the Eternal city.

A few words regarding the wonderful actors making the couple of police inspectors, Adil Hussain (who featured in “Life of Pi”, “English Vinglish” or “Raag”) and Tannishtha Chatterjee (who featured in “Gulaab Gang”...

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