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  • by Laurent Goldstein

About misused images

It became common to see images used to serve any agenda mostly because no one takes the time to check to see who the photographer is, where and when the image was shot and most of all what it is about.

For instance since three years I keep on receiving a picture coming with a heartbreaking comment mentioning that this is "an Iraqi girl in an orphanage missing her mother, so she drew her and fell asleep inside her after respectfully removing her shoes outside."

Of course it is impossible te remain insensitive when you read such words.

The problem is that according the conflict going on, the orphanage is either in Iraq or in Syria therefore it is raising questions, mostly when this pictures comes in endless chains on social medias.

While searching on Google Search Image I found the name of the talented Iranian photographer who made this shot.

Bahareh Bisheh is an Art student living in Isfahan, on her flickr account she explains:

"This little girl is my cousin and she actually fell asleep on the asphalt just outside my house.

She must have played for some time and just lied to rest and fell asleep.

im used a chair to stand on in order to take this shot.

There is no orphanage involved and no tragic story behind this.

i took this opportunity to be creative.

It is a style of photographyYou can use my photos in your webblag If you mention my name as the photographer of this photo.thanks to all for the consideration ."

You can see her work on flickr:

This sad and fake fictional back story distorts the art meaning of this picture.

Too bad as the photographer is a genuine artist and has many brilliant pieces in her folio.

The world carries enough daily horrors so everyone should be aware not to spread misinformation.

This picture is just one example, we should all check any kind of information before disseminating it in endless chains.

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