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  • by Laurent Goldstein

Feast of Varanasi

“Feast of Varanasi” is an independent movie and a thriller directed by Rajan Kumar Patel.

The action is based in Varanasi (Benares), the oldest living city in the world.

I won’t say much about the story in order to keep it as a surprise to some future audiences, it is a classic thriller using universal topics of the duality of life and death, good and bad or light and darkness however it is depicted with a new twist using the culture, legends and Hindu iconography specific to Varanasi making it realistic and appropriate to anyone who knows the city.

The strength of this movie also lies in the fact that it was done with a small budget which allows a sensible and pragmatic atmosphere that Rajan Patel managed to compose successfully without betraying the essence of the Eternal city.

A few words regarding the wonderful actors making the couple of police inspectors, Adil Hussain (who featured in “Life of Pi”, “English Vinglish” or “Raag”) and Tannishtha Chatterjee (who featured in “Gulaab Gang”, “Road, Movie” or “Monsoon Shootout”), as usual they make a great job and bring a real and deep credibility to the movie in a climactic crescendo.

Finally, the technical team, and more specifically those involved into the light and the sound have been able to combine their skills in order to reflect to real soul of Varanasi with a sensitive muted and subtle shades of colour palette coming as an echo to the bells and chants flowing through the ghats and galis and making a perfect setting for the story.

I enjoyed watching “Feast of Varanasi” three times and I wish that Rajan Patel will make a second part or other stories there.

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