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  • by Laurent Goldstein

"Dalida" a movie by Lisa Azuelos

"Dalida" is a a biopic film by Lisa Azuelos telling the tragic life of the legendary star...

Making a biopic is never easy nevertheless Lisa managed to find some unusual story angle making this movie very deep and touching.

For those who lived in the 60's, 70's or 80's, the movie reminds a part of our lives embedded in the collective psyche in particular through the accuracy of the sets, garments, accessories, the amazing work on lights bringing back that specific atmosphere of these years.

The editing of the film is quite rare for a French production and brings a great contemporary rhythm which is appealing and captivating.

The storyline shows a woman's fate through her love stories and this is the strength of the film as anyone can easily identify with the star.

Sveva Alviti is brilliant and stellar, it seems obvious that this Italian actress inhabited by Dalida will become a huge star.

The other actors are marvellous and perfectly embody all the characters of the story.

Lisa Azuelos has thoroughly achieved this particular challenge, her movie deserves to have a tremendous success not only in France but also abroad where Dalida and her music are still in the mind of many.

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